Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well here I am.  I have been saying for a year now that I was going to start blogging and now I actually sat down for 5 minutes and did it.  BIG hand clap for me and my HUGE effort.  
But there is something that got me fired up so I figured...what a great opportunity to start my ranting and opinion slinging blog.   
I was in the market for a New Years Resolution and I thought up a "good" one..cut Starbucks out of my life for one month.  I was all gung-ho and even began bragging to everyone that would listen; which I find if you are paying for goods i.e Starbucks, they HAVE to listen to you.  So here I am going all around telling everyone my plan.  Some were supportive.  Some were not supportive.  Some laughed. Some even cried...but for the most part people just patted my head and said.. "sure you are Heather..sure you are".  There was a fire in my belly after the 150th person patted my head and I began to get serious about my upcoming depriving exercise.  I trained...well OK, I cut back on my coffee intake.  I would purposefully drive by Starbucks and NOT buy a coffee to prove to myself that I could resist the wiles of the sweet sweet coffee bean.....give me a second...OK.... I drove by and would even wave and blow kisses to my boyfriend..(a Grande coffee in a Venti cup topped with hot water) .  This was a dance that I would do daily.  
The big day came and went I did not buy or consume a cup of Starbucks coffee.   I was mentally exhausted, drained beyond belief and I did not know if I would be able to survive this absolutely ridiculous new years resolution that apparently my alter ego thought up.  I went another 6 painful and caffeine with drawl induced rages.  I think the old lady I yelled at for looking at me at Panera was my bottom.  I walked into the bathroom, splashed some cold water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror.  "Who is this person?"  I splashed some more water on my face.." I will tell you who this person is... she is an idiot and I am going to Starbucks to get her sanity back!"  I left Panera that day with more clarity then I had experienced in a while.  I knew what I had to do.  I drove over and Begged Grande' coffee in a Venti cup topped with hot water to take me back.  He did and we made out (aka I drank 5) for and hour and I started to feel better.  
So my point to this whole rant?  Well I guess it would be that new years resolutions suck and were invented my some sort of sadomasochist who I am going to assume was a Starbucks employee.
Until next time.... keep the change.